Why Remodel a Perfectly Good Kitchen?

    What's Wrong with This Kitchen? Nothing really.... 

    This Cleveland Park, DC kitchen had been remodeled about 10 or 15 years earlier. It's fine. Stone countertops, adequate storage, high-end appliances--all in good working order. There is a logic to the layout. The room is spacious and sunny. Those French doors throw lots of light into the space. So? Why?


    Cleveland Park kitchen BEFORE remodelingKitchen before renovation


    We absolutely did not toss everything into a dumpster. As with all of our projects, we recycled and/or reused more than 60% of the materials. However, the owners wanted the space to function in an entirely different way, one better suited to their family style.

    The old kitchen, though it looked fine, did not function optimally as work space. An overly large table seating area (out of frame left) was deleted from the layout. The massive island that takes its place provides seating, storage and preparation space all in one visually impressive package. The new kitchen is set up for people who love to socialize and make meals together.

    Cleveland Park kitchen AFTER kitchen remodeling After renovation: Changing the French doors to the porch into windows makes space for
    a long run of cabinets at the sink flanked by tall cabinets. 


    This entire room has been significantly reshaped. Because we see more potential in renovation today than we did five or ten years ago.  We deliver much more, particularly in he realm of kitchen design. Clients challenge us (and we them) to be daring and innovative in our thinking.

    remodeled Cleveland Park kitchen

    You can view the full pictorial (including before/after floor plan) of this Cleveland Park renovation in our kitchens portfolio. When you get there, click on the 9th thumbnail image in the gallery.

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