Home Remodeling in McLean VA

McLean, Virginia is close to downtown DC but feels remote because of the hilly, forested terrain it occupies near the Potomac River. Many large expensive homes are hidden away behind thick stands of trees at the end of long driveways.  In addition to these exclusive homes, developers and custom builders have created entire neighborhoods in this highly desirable location. Home remodeling projects in McLean tend to focus on upgrades to living space rather than expansions because the homes are generally newer and more spacious than those in first ring suburbs of DC.

Although some of these modern era homes were custom built by local home builders, others were mass produced by national companies--and those can be somewhat generic. Here, a remodeling company is often tasked with helping a homeowner add architectural details to personalize the home, and to update kitchens and baths from “builder grade” finishes to custom finishes. This type of home remodeling requires design acuity and finesse.

That’s why it is vitally important to hire a design-driven home remodeling company with renovation architects, kitchen designers, and bath designers on staff.

Our renovation architects and interior designers are well versed in the quirks of traditional architectural styles as well as the complexities of contemporary architecture.  They understand what makes a space feel right. They can quickly identify limitations, create a detailed plan for your home remodeling project, then lead you to the fulfillment of a shared vision of what your old house could be.

Whether your project involves kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, or an expansive new home addition and interior reconfiguration, a well planned renovation can give your tired old house a new start while preserving all that is good about the original home.

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Kitchen Remodeling in McLean VA

The driving force behind nearly every home remodeling project we do in McLean is the desire for a tastefully remodeled kitchen. Kitchen design techniques and kitchen product lines have changed so much since many McLean homes were built, kitchen remodeling will be well worth the investment.

You will have the best experience if you hire a remodeling company like ours that employs kitchen designers and renovation architects, specialists who understand all the ins and outs of kitchen remodeling, obsess over every detail--and show you all of your options to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. A successful kitchen remodeling project depends on their design expertise and knowledge of the renovation process.

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Our kitchen designers start by evaluating the condition of existing walls, subfloor, plumbing and electrical system--then making recommendations to ensure your investment is built on a solid foundation while eliminating the possibility of costly construction surprises.

They’ll finalize the floor plan for your new kitchen, then guide you through the process of selecting cabinetry, appliances, countertops, flooring, lighting design–and all the little details that will take your inspiration from random thoughts, to thoughtful design, to glorious completion.

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Bathroom Remodel in McLean VA

The homes built during the suburban expansion in McLean feature well proportioned bathrooms for the most part. The problems we encounter in bathroom remodeling center around style:  the original colors, finish products, and fixtures are “builder grade” and most owners want them upgraded to custom.

Working with one of our staff bath designers makes the decision process go smoothly for you and ensures that the bath products and finishes you choose will hold up over time and contribute to a harmonious visual design.

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Our bath designers also keep an eye on the construction process. This is important because, with any bathroom renovation project, there are details that must be worked out “on the fly”. Since our designers and craftsmen are used to working together, it’s easy for them make those small but important adjustments that always come up during the construction phase.

Home Additions in McLean VA

Unlike homeowners in the near suburbs of Washington DC,  McLean residents have less need for more space, but a great need for stylishly designed space. The most common home addition requested in McLean is usually a porch or sunroom addition--a luxury rather than a necessity.

More often we will redesign existing interiors to modernize a floor plan and introduce stylish architectural details to personalize interiors--most especially in kitchens and bathrooms.  Having a home remodeling plan that is backed up by design expertise and resources, is your best guarantee that your remodeling project will result in improvements that deliver the comfort, aesthetic and functional standards you expect.

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