Kitchen Cabinets--They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

by Kevin Gilday & Tom Gilday

They absolutely do not make kitchen cabinets like they used to.  And that's a good thing.   High quality kitchen cabinets can be designed to represent any style you like.  And the choice of materials and finishes currently available for custom kitchens is pretty close to infinite.

Let's set looks aside for the moment and focus just on functionality.  The new cabinet lines have raised the bar on functionality with each round of new products.  They provide ease of use and accessories that will make the most maniacal of organizers swoon with delight.

Here are two specialty cabinet units that were specified for the remodeling of a kitchen in Chevy Chase Maryland.



This cabinet unit houses the family refrigerator, pull out freezer, wine chiller with temperature control for red and white, and two pull out refrigeration drawers.   So all the foods and drinks can be thoroughly organized.  The cold drawers make it easy for kids to get at snacks and drinks without rummaging through everything in the fridge.



The "magic corner" by Greenfield features a kitchen cabinet door that floats out and away from the interior of the cabinet so you can easily see what's there.  In addition, the storage racks inside the cabinet swing out for easy access to supplies.

Devising solutions that gracefully deal with corners is a daunting task that has for years made kitchen designers work to earn their fees.  This clever new cabinet design just made their professional lives much easier.

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