Our Tiny Condo Kitchen Remodeling Project

    Kitchen Remodeling Means Thinking Inside the Box

    In condo kitchen remodeling, size does not matter.  The design process is the same. The kitchen designer has to make an assessment as to which attributes of the space can be changed and which are fixed.   Creativity must take place within those boundaries. If there aren't any obvious boundaries, you make some.

    There are always limitations in remodeling a condo kitchen where plumbing and gas lines are fixed.  Such was the case with this condo kitchen remodel in the in Washington D.C.


    tiny condo kitchen BEFORE remodeling
    The dining area BEFORE remodeling. The narrow door on left leads to the kitchen.

    Making the Most of a Little Space

    Kitchen and bath designer Ellen Witts says "in a small space, the trick is to make it feel as open as you can."   For this kitchen remodeling assignment, Ellen had to upgrade the style of a living room, dining room, and kitchen to unify the whole space making it feel more open.  She capitalized on the large windows and removed the partition wall separating the kitchen from the dinette, creating a graceful visual harmony between adjacent areas and increased natural light.

    condo kitchen and dining area AFTER remodeling The design plan specified built-in seating for the dining area and cabinetry for storage.


    The most delightful feature in this new kitchen are the built-in cabinets which bring continuity from the kitchen cabinetry into the dinette.  Two tall cabinets flank a seating bench with storage drawers underneath, contributing to the unity of the two spaces and providing storage and seating.  The airy design of chandelier further supports the open feel of the kitchen.

    tiny condo kitchen is open to dining area
    Kitchen cabinets flow through to the dinette to create a built-in seating bench flanked by storage cabinets.

    How Remodeling A Kitchen Helped Unify the Entire Condo

    In terms of unifying the entire living space Ellen:

    • wrapped crown molding continuously through all the rooms
    • maintained the same paint color throughout
    • continued the hardwood flooring throughout
    • ran cabinetry from the kitchen into the dinette area

    This condo kitchen remodeling project achieved all it objectives:  It defined three distinct activity areas, visually unified the three into one large space, and introduced natural light and an open feeling throughout.

    There wasn't much space to work with and the designer made the most of it. 

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    key factors in Condo renovation

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