House Hunting and Home Renovation: 
    Where the Two Meet 
    Pre-Purchase Evaluation

    House Hunting and Home Renovation

    The realtor for this Kalorama property used our Pre-Purchase Evaluation service. After an on-site consultation and several meetings with our designers, the clients discovered they could renovate this property and, in turn, felt confident about this home purchase. The realtor sold the home! ( Jan 2015)

    Purchasing a home in the D.C. metro area can be challenging emotionally and financially; purchasing a home that needs a renovation can be daunting.

    To help you through the decision making process, the principals at Gilday Renovations provide on-site consultations with your realtor to ensure that your purchasing decision is made with the best information available.  Armed with information on setbacks and zoning regulations, structural issues, and most importantly, realistic renovation costs, you can make a financially sound and informed real estate purchase.

    And, there is no fee for a pre-purchase evaluation.  So, the only risk is the cost of not calling.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


    How Gilday Renovations Integrated Team Delivers the Home of Your Dreams

    How Gilday's Integrated Team Delivers the Home of Your Dreams