Kitchen Design: One Room Is Better Than Two

by Kevin Gilday & Tom Gilday

kitchen design au park dc

One + One = One Better

This AU Park DC home had a tiny galley kitchen and a tiny breakfast room.  Neither of them worked satisfactorily.  Our interior designer combined the two under functioning rooms to make one high performance family kitchen.
AU Park kitchen reconfigure

Take Down the Wall

People often ask us about removing a wall to "open up" a kitchen.  In this situation, taking out the wall and reconfiguring space was a no brainer.

What They Had

A galley kitchen with three doorways and a major thoroughfare (to the back yard) running down the middle could not provide adequate kitchen cabinetry for storage or enough counter top space for food preparation.


au park kitchen silestone counterop


What They Got

The new floor plan created independent function zones (including a nifty computer/media center) connected by a gorgeous hardwood (maple) topped center island.  The result is by no means a "large" kitchen.  It is, however, one that comes packed with beauty and efficiency.

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au park kitchen design built-in pantry microwave cabinet

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