Bath Design

Bath Design


Like kitchens, bathrooms have also changed with cultural preferences and technological advances.  From Roman bath houses used for social gatherings and bathing to modern master baths with rain showers and iPad stations, today’s bathrooms are functional, safe, and spa-like. 

Plagued by daily water, steam, heat and limited by space, bathroom renovations can be challenging.  Bathroom renovations require a mixture of materials from floor to ceiling that are impervious to heat and water.  And, installing these materials usually requires unique skillsets from technicians such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, stone cutters, and tile setters.  With a room where water and electricity mix, it is imperative to have knowledge of codes, products, and procedures to ensure safety. 

Whether you want to replace fixtures and appliances or add space, Gilday’s team of certified bath designers can create a bathroom where function and beauty are equally engaged. So whether you desire a relaxing sanctuary with rainfall shower heads or a simple, functional update, Gilday can customize a bathroom to fit your lifestyle, tastes, and budget.


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