Home Remodeling the Design Build Way

    You can complete a successful home remodeling project by partnering with either an architectural design firm or a design build firm. But because the two methods differ in ways that may be important to you, it may help to gain a better understanding of design build before you decide which method is the one for you. You may discover that the design build approach offers advantages that make it the better choice for you and your project.

    This diagram will give you the basic idea and we describe the details just below it.


    The Design Build Difference

    The diagrams above demonstrate how the relationship between design development and budgeting is a key difference between the two methods.

    In our design-build approach, the project budget or estimate is established at the beginning and continues to react in real time to the design and revisions to the design that will impact cost as design development progresses. The possibility of arriving at the end with a full set of construction drawings that are unbuildable because they exceed the budget is reduced to zero. In design build, the construction drawings are produced after the construction contract is approved by the client. 

    There are other differences between the two approaches that affect design development and construction management. We will discuss those below.

    The Design-Build Advantage

    Washington DC life is busy at home and at work. Sometimes it’s all about keeping to the schedule, right? We understand that. You don’t have the time or emotional energy to excuse disruptions or delays caused by poor communication during a home renovation project.

    That’s why we’ve spent years honing our design build remodeling practices to be laser focused and efficient. So you can relax and attend to daily life while we complete the task of making your home a better place to live. You keep your schedule. We keep ours.

    Our design build approach to home remodeling works because the design group, the build group and the project management group are all full-time Gilday employees. They have spent years working together in creative collaboration. They speak the same language, hold to the same standards of excellence and focus their attention on achieving the agreed upon goals on behalf of every client on every project.




    Collaboration - The Real Thing

    This powerful collaboration cannot be achieved by a company that manages teams of subcontractors, part-timers or new hires. A true design build model takes time and conscious effort to develop. It happens only when company leaders take the time and care to attract, train, and retain the best designers, builders and managers in the field.

    Creative Process - No Stone Left Unturned

    In the design development phase, all relevant possibilities are explored so that the client can make the best possible decisions about their home. We want you to carefully weigh all your options (and corresponding benefits or drawbacks) before finalizing your plan. We walk you through it all. Wherever it is hard, we make it easier.


    Accuracy & Efficiency - No Surprises

    At the pre-construction phase, the existing conditions of the property are evaluated to ensure there are no surprises later that would result in unanticipated change orders. The first round of drawings is accompanied by an accurate estimate. As we proceed through design development, the estimate is updated to reflect changes made to the plan. There is no lag time between creative activity and cost accounting. 

    Seamless Integration

    The same rigorous attention to detail continues into the construction phase where our masterful troubleshooting expertise comes into play. Project management anticipates and resolves most issues before they become problems and keeps your home renovation moving smoothly forward to completion. Athough you’ll be glad when the project is complete, you’ll be sad to see us go. At least, that’s what our clients tell us over and over again.

    beautiful garage-studio

    Home renovation discovery session

    Our home renovation discovery sessions are organized around you: your needs, your style preferences, your desire to make the home you have into the very best it can be. You can expect our staff to ask many questions, listen, and provide you with actionable information. We’ll help you prioritize, get a clear sense of the project scope, and help you gain a sense for your budget. Everything you need to know to take the next step in your home renovation.