How to Gain a Mudroom and Powder Room When You Build a Kitchen Addition

    It is not uncommon for owners of older homes in places like Arlington and NW Washington to crave more space especially with a kitchen addition. Utilitarian brick houses were built after WWII, and while they worked for post-war families that first lived in them, they don’t provide the storage space that modern families need. The challenge in renovating these properties is adding space while staying faithful to the original design.

    Modern Updates for Vintage Kitchens

    In the mid-20th century, parlors and common areas were the focal points of family life. These spacious seating areas allowed homeowners to entertain guests comfortably. To hide the noise and mess of the kitchen from visitors, food preparation areas were placed towards the back of the home.

    But today, most families prefer a more flowing design with family members and guests invited to take part in the cooking process. Modern open-plan concepts incorporate the kitchen, dining room, and lounge as one space so where homeowners can socialize with guests as food is prepared.

    Families today also own more clothing, sporting goods, and collectibles than their 20th-century counterparts. With the right renovation strategy, however, homeowners can carve out enough space for more storage to accommodate their lifestyle.

    Cleveland Park DC Kitchen AdditionThis image is from a Cleveland Park DC Kitchen Addition project

    Renovation Options for Kitchen Additions

    Cleveland park dc entryway - kitchen additionAdding an extra room on to the kitchen opens up endless options. Typically, a renovation will move the appliances, cabinets, and other food preparation essentials into the new space. Once the new kitchen is installed, the old space can be converted into anything the homeowner desires.

    Since the plumbing from the previous kitchen can be reused, there are many possibilities for the old space. Many of our clients will add a small powder room connected to a mudroom. Adding a butler pantry, a wet bar, or a coat closet are also frequently chosen for these spaces.

    If entertaining at home is your goal, use the space to extend your existing dining room. You could even increase accessibility to outdoor areas with French doors that opens directly onto your backyard like this image shows at the same Cleveland Park DC home remodeling project.

    Kitchen Additions – Endless Options for Customization

    Kitchen additions and renovations offer homeowners a great opportunity to customize their home to their way of life with a dream kitchen. Optimizing the layout of your home will not only add to your family’s enjoyment of it, but it will also increase the value of your property.

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