A Sweet Master Suite Addition

    Home Addition Adds New Space and Revives the Old

    This drawing shows the before and after second floor plans for a typical brick colonial in Bethesda, Maryland that received a two story home addition. The addition, which bumps out to the side as well as the rear of the house, makes just enough room to expand (and relocate) two existing bathrooms while delivering a completely new and luxurious master suite addition.


    The thick dark lines in the floor plan indicate new walls. As you can see, this home addition project is an ambitious undertaking that doubles the size of the home.  It does a beautiful job of re-purposing space in the existing house while gracefully adding new. It does this particularly well on the second floor where existing rooms are reshaped to maximize utility and to facilitate a smooth transition into the new master suite addition.

    The existing floor plan on the left shows the two original baths efficiently snugged together in the rear left corner of the house.  The renovation plan introduced a little more breathing room upstairs by combining those two baths into one--thereby creating a very nice guest room with private bath.  On the opposite side of the house the plan shows a new "buddy" bath located between the children's bedrooms.


    Design: The Difference Between An Elegant Home Addition and a Big Box

    There are many little details to appreciate in this design, such as the recessed entry to the master suite which gives an extra bit of privacy and makes a nice transition from the hall way to the private bed room.  This is a custom addition in every sense.  It is designed to maximize functionality of the interior space.  The interiors are right sized for the needs of the family and the architectural character of the house.  So rooms are no longer too small, nor are they over sized. There is tremendous efficiency built into this plan.  And, frankly, when remodeling homes in Bethesda, Maryland, space can be limited.  There is usually none to spare.  So how we use it, manipulate it, is key to a successful design.  It makes the difference between an elegant master suite addition and one that turns out like a big box.

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    Essential Elements of Renovating an Older Home

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