A Bathroom Remodel Just for Fun

    The half bath -or "powder room" as we like to call it here in Washington DC- is probably the smallest room in the house, not much larger than a good-sized coat closet.  Just like the coat closet, the powder room plays an important (though somewhat unglamorous) role in the household.  They are there when you need them--and when you don't need them, you forget they are there. Most of the time a main floor half bath is used by guests in the house. That's exactly why Gilday interior designers encourage their clients to pull out the stops for a bathroom remodel and create a show piece.

    Here are a five bathroom remodels that resulted in surprisingly lavish little powder rooms:


    Cleveland Park bathroom remodel in Victorian style This Victorian style bathroom in Cleveland Park DC includes an oval pedestal sink, a slipper chair and chandelier


    In truth, these little bathrooms are a lot of fun to remodel.  We recently did a fun half bath remodel at a house in Chevy Chase Maryland.  Here's what you see when you look up:


    Chevy Chase Maryland half bath remodel with ornate ceiling treatment and chandelier
    A chandelier and ornate crown molding worthy of a grand dining room grace the ceiling of this half bath in Chevy Chase Maryland


    You really can't over design them. 


    Asian contemporary half bath remodel in Tenleytown DC This Tenleytown half bath features a floating vanity cabinet and vessel sink in an Asian contemporary style


    These  bathrooms are so small that when you put in a grand mirror or chandelier, the dramatic irony makes you chuckle.

     contemporary style half bath remodel in Kaloram Square DC This Kalorama half bath done in a spare contemporary style features translucent glass sink and polished chrome exposed drain pipe


     You and your interior designer can take it in any style direction that you want to try.  And you can take it all the way down to the smallest and most personal of details.


    Kalorama DC half bath remodel with Harlequin patterned faux wall painting This fiery Kalorama bath features Harlequin patterned faux painting


    A powder room bath is not the place to practice restraint.  It is the place for bath remodeling extravagance.  Have fun.

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