Condo Renovation

by Gilday Renovations

Purchasing a Luxury Condo in an Older Building with Plans to Renovate

You’ve had your eye on a condominium community in an iconic DC neighborhood--maybe West End, Woodley Park, or Georgetown. You’ve done some research on that perfect building. The services and amenities are just what you are looking for, like 24-7 desk...

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Buying a New Construction Condo in Washington DC: What to Look For

The lure of new construction is easy to understand. Everything new, bright, and shiny. That’s why there are so many new condo developments cropping up right now all over DC. A new condo brings you all the streamlined living you were looking for.

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DC Condo Living Offers a Carefree Alternative to the Traditional Dream Home

by Hans Wydler

The condo market in metro DC is as vibrant as the city itself. Several trends I am seeing are these: first, empty nesters are no longer staying in their "forever homes” after the kids leave. They want the flexibility of a home where most of the...

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The Condo and the Empty Nester

by Hatfield Weir Gale Team

Choosing a condominium in Washington might look easy. It seems that there is a lot to choose from after all. But getting the right fit at the right price point, with the amenities you desire or need can be a big challenge.

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Finding the Right Condo Fit

by Meg Crowlie

Condo living is an increasingly popular option for homebuyers here in the DC metro area. Having lived and worked here for 40 plus years, I’ve found that the way to assist people looking to buy a condo, as with any real estate purchase, is to find the...

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Differences Between Luxury Condo Renovation and Home Renovation

by Kevin Gilday & Tom Gilday

You’ve been in your condo for a few years now. Or maybe you just moved in. Yet some of the compromises you made - the not quite perfect kitchen, maybe an owner’s bedroom layout that was suboptimal - are wearing on your nerves. It is time to make some...

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