Condo Renovation in Glover Park DC

    Smaller and Bigger

    When working in an older condominium home during a condo renovation we encounter many of the same problems we find when remodeling an older single family home--only smaller and bigger. What we mean is, condo space is usually smaller.  So the problems feel bigger.  The aesthetic absences or spatial limitations are felt more intensely because you can't get away from them. 

    Condo Renovation: Making the Most of a Small Space

    What can be done if the space is too small?  There is no possibility of building an addition to gain the needed space.  We can, however, be very clever about maximizing the space we have.  With a well thought out architectural design plan and detailed craftsmanship we can overcome the most vexing limitations.  We can take a space that is kind of dingy and transform it into something really special.

    Gilday lead carpenter Pat Curtis is nearing completion on a condo makeover in Glover Park DC.  Interior Designer Ellen Gilday Witts came up with a plan for the entire unit that gives it a classic look.  This includes enhancements such as trim sets around all the windows and crown molding in the kitchen and living room.  Ellen is also replacing all of the commercial grade steel framed hollow core doors with new solid wood doors and casings, and  brass hardware.

    It goes without saying, she put a lot of thought into the nearly completed kitchen and dining area shown in the photo below.

    condo kitchen renovation
    The kitchen and dining areas flow together through a continuous wall of cabinetry that also provides a bench seat with pull out storage drawers. 


    glover park dc condo renovation-BEFORE

    The photo above shows a partition wall separating the kitchen and dining areas that was deleted in the condo renovation. Two rooms have merged into one in way that vastly improves functionality while making the space feel more roomy.

    The architectural detailing of the kitchen and dining areas continues in the adjacent living room with crown moldings and trim around all the windows. (see photo below)

    architectural details bring rooms to life in this small condo renovation Crown molding continues from the kitchen and into the adjacent dining and living room areas.


    crown molding in condo renovation
    Crown molding wraps around the corner of a wall separating the kitchen and dining room.


    detail of brushed brass door knob The new two-panel solid wood doors get a striking set of satin finish brass pulls or door knobs. 


    Adding Architectural Details

    Kitchen and bath remodeling are always top of the list for our condo renovation clients here in Washington DC.  This client could have stopped there.  It is to her credit that she had the ambition to go all the way with it.  

    It takes some extra effort (but worth it) to add in architectural details that were absent in the original.  You end up with a living space that is full of personality and completely yours in every detail.

    If you are feeling stuck with a condominium home that doesn't meet your needs. Don't give up. Schedule a consultation with one of our architectural designers to discuss the possibilities of your space. And before you do that, prepare for that meeting by clicking on the image below to download our eBook

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    key factors in Condo renovation

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