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    Our Clients

    " We didn't want a box. The architectural part was very important to us. We put our money into the quality of design. We see that money spent shows up in the details. We have a neighbor who got a much larger addition from another company for less than we spent on ours. But it doesn't have those special touches - and they didn't get any help with selecting finishes and fixtures and colors. The designers think of everything. They guide you through all the details. "

    - Keri Piester, Washington, DC

    "People and talent make working with Gilday Renovations a terrific experience. The design of all the spaces in my house is beautiful, creative and special, and completely in sync with my taste and sensibilities. As I left for the last time yesterday, I felt that even more. You transformed a great house into a special place where my entire extended family made wonderful memories. Of course I am coming back to Gilday to make a smaller, but just as special, place with my new apartment."

    - Susan Liss, Chevy Chase, Maryland

    Our Clients

    " Major home renovations don't come cheaply and Gilday costs more than some. But, like good clothing, after years of satisfaction, you realize what a bargain it really was."

    - Pete and Jacqueline Davis, Chevy Chase, MD

    " Eight years after our renovation, we needed to remove the refrigerator from its enclosure for repairs. It would not budge. The enclosure had been built too tight. One call to the Gilday team solved the problem. The next day a lead carpenter was on the job. When he was done, we requested a bill. No charge, we were told. "It was our mistake and is our responsibility to fix it." How is that for standing by the quality of your work!"

    - David Osterhout, Washington, DC

    Our Clients

    " I asked about 40 people in my area who they had used for their renovations. Most had terrible experiences or didn't feel 100% comfortable recommending their person. Everyone that used Gilday had amazing things to say about them."

    - Carol Friedman, Chevy Chase, Maryland

    " We admire how you have developed your company to perform with the utmost efficiency, effectiveness and with your customers in mind."

    - Robin Sorkin, Bethesda, Maryland

    Our Clients
    Our Clients

    " I had complete confidence in them. It was the most important to me to know that things would be done as discussed. For never having to worry. It was absolutely worth it."

    - Elizabeth Webber, Georgetown, DC

    " The addition was so well integrated into the look and flow of our house that most believe it is original to the house, not an addition. This is how we wanted it to be. Mentored by Kevin and his vast knowledge and input, the project was handled with great care and detailed craftsmanship."

    - Beryl and Carl Tretter

    "One day I witnessed our Gilday foreman holler at a worker for parking a truck on the edge of the lawn. He made him move the truck. It made us feel secure that the same supervisor was on the job every day."

    - Debbie Werner, Bethesda, Maryland

    " Living in our house is such a pleasure since it got the Gilday magic renewal touch."

    - Judy Walter, Washington, DC

    Our Clients