Why Design Build?

    What's the Big Deal About Design Build

    Communication.  That's what.  In a complex renovation project, particularly when room additions are involved, stuff happens.  When stuff happens, immediate communication between the field and the office is essential.  Decisions have to be made.  Quick reflexes are at the core of design build the way Gilday Renovations practices it.

    Adding a Room

    While framing a kitchen and family room addition for a very old (1919) and very unkempt Chevy Chase Maryland home, stuff happened.  Surprised?  Just look at it.  How could stuff NOT have happened? 


    Several funky additions topped off by an ancient sleeping porch had to be taken down before we could start the addition


    Think Quick

    Because Gilday craftsmen can think on their feet, they are able to anticipate problems and solve them on the fly.  They dial the office and conference immediately with the project architect.  If the issue requires more than a phone call, the architect and project manager head over to the job site within minutes.  The framing "cage" shown in the photo below is an example a solution to an issue that arose in the process of fitting new addition to funky old house.


     gilday renovations framing for a kitchen addition This framing "cage" saved time (and money) that would have been spent leveling 100 year old structure

    Design Build Means Expectations Are Met

    The carpenter foreman saw that a lot  of  extra time would be required to level and fir out joists to attach a new ceiling to the old framing.  He suggested framing a new ceiling because it would solve the problem more quickly and at the same time improve clearance for running new electric and HVAC into the addition.  So we did that.  Efficiency.  Design build is very, very efficient.  Nothing is left to chance.  Questions get answered.  Expectations are met.

    In custom renovation we are charged with demolishing and fixing old structure then gracefully fitting new to old so the two function as one.  It takes thought, care, skill and time to accomplish.  Our integrated design build approach to home remodeling is, we think, the best way to do it. 

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    Essential Elements of Renovating an Older Home

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