We Don't Want A Big Addition Taking Up Our Yard!

    So?  Get small.    Here's an example  of how home additions (this one in Bethesda Maryland) can solve a space problems beautifully without taking up a lot of backyard space.

    A Little Goes A Long Way

    Sometimes, gaining just 24 inches can transform a room.  See the box bay on the left side of the exterior in the photo below?  That's a kitchen addition.  The owner wanted to have a center island as part of her kitchen renovation plan.  Although the existing room was spacious, placing an island in there would have been too much of a squeeze.

    two little additions in bethesda maryland This mini addition makes a huge difference inside the kitchen

    As you can see, even a very cleverly designed full sized addition off the back would be problematic due to the patio landscaping and proximity to the pool (just out of frame left).

    Small Is the New Big

    As designers evaluating the strength and weakness of living spaces, we tend to think big picture in terms of solutions.  We want to cover all the bases in our search for the best approach.

    Sometimes that big brilliant solution is a small adjustment. So that 24 inches mentioned earlier? That is exactly how much room was needed to recess the sink run of kitchen cabinets away from the center of the room .  (see photo below)

    kitchen xcesign with recessed run of cabinets on exterior wall A small bump out on the exterior wall gives plenty of room for seating and circulation around the new kitchen island

    This minor adjustment was just enough to locate a kitchen center island with plenty of room on all sides for circulation.  So, when it comes to home additions, sometimes it works best to think small---very small.

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