Making A Little Master Bath A Little Bigger

    We encounter this frequently in certain Northwest Washington DC neighborhoods: the mini master bathroom.  It's just big enough to do what you need to do -one at a time- and no more.  This is the lay out that comes with the typical 40's built colonial. Three bedrooms up with one half of the second floor allocated to a front to back master bedroom.  Located at the rear of the master is one closet --not large enough to store clothing for two.  Next to the miniature closet is the infamous mini master bathroom.  Neither is big enough.  Most people find this irritating.


    remodeling a master bath chevy chase dc We guess it worked OK in the 40's but It doesn't make the cut for this generation of homeowners


    Bathroom Remodeling: Making the Most of a Small Bathroom 

    How do we get a bigger bathroom without building an addition?  Interior reconfiguration. In this bathroom remodeling project in progress we are combining the area once occupied by closet and bath to get a reasonably sized bathroom.  We created new closets at the other end of the bedroom. 


    master bathroom remodeling in progress washington dc An under functioning closet has been absorbed by the new expanded master bathroom


    When we are done it still won't be a BIG bath--but it will most certainly be big enough to function very well.  It will probably look a lot better, too.  

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    Essential Elements of Renovating an Older Home

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