Integrated Design: Building Your Addition Successfully

    If your home renovation dream calls for  an addition or significant alterations to existing interiors, you need to hire a specialty firm, one that is capable of  the planning and the logistics needed to bring a complex design project to a successful outcome. A design build firm that follows an integrated design approach is the way to go.  Why?

    Because all the resources needed are in one place.  Key departments (design, construction, project management and estimating) are organized to function as a unit.

    Here are five more reasons:

    1. Architects, interior designers and builders who work together every day tend to push each other creatively.  They think outside the box.  They will challenge you with fresh, innovative ideas that incorporate proven methods and materials.
    2. The integrated design model is the only way to achieve a design plan that seamlessly blends new and existing spaces in terms of scale and volume.  This is essential when the program calls for additions that will effect the appearance of the house.
    3. Integrated design and construction planning ensures that your project will proceed smoothly. The design plan that captured your imagination won't have to be drastically revised (or scrapped!) because cost projections were  extravagantly off target.
    4. An integrated design firm facilitates all construction documentation, building permits, inspections, as well as historic district and neighborhood association reviews.
    5. An integrated design firm with green accreditation can design a home that is not only beautiful, but extremely comfortable and energy efficient.

    The art of residential renovation in the Washington DC area has evolved to to meet the needs of a sophisticated, career driven populace.  Our customers know what they want--and they want the best.  It is our obligation to provide that in design and in production every time.

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