Home Additions & Remodeling in Washington DC

    Home Additions Are Still Good A Investment

    In Washington DC, home remodeling has evolved into a sophisticated and highly professionalized art--particularly for home additions.  Additions call for significant structural alterations to a house and require a remodeling firm with that expertise.  It requires a firm with an architectural design team and construction team that are well coordinated and able to efficiently manage a complex project.

    home addition under construction in DC suburb

    You will have easy access to a variety of home remodeling firms in the Washington DC area with differing specialties.  Some may specialize in kitchen and bath replacements.  Others focus on larger projects that involve home additions (including kitchen & bath remodeling) or whole house makeovers .

    Many of the firms here are members of NARI Metro DC, the regional wing of National Association of the Remodeling Industry.  NARI has for years promoted education and high standards in the industry--most successfully in the Washington area market.

    Property Values and Investment Value

    A key characteristic of Washington that has made home remodeling so strong here is the vibrant real estate market.  Professionals are constantly moving into the area to start or step up their careers.  As careers gain momentum Washingtonians may move again within the area.  And typically, with each move owners want to "have it their way".  They may have found the nearly perfect house in the absolutely perfect neighborhood.  So they purchase that imperfect house with the intention of further investing in renovations that will turn those imperfections into assets.

    Another real estate related characteristic of the Washington home remodeling market is the age of the housing stock in DC and first ring suburbs of Virginia and Maryland.  Houses need to be upgraded, expanded and sometimes completely gutted and rebuilt.  These properties continue to evolve as each new generation of homeowners takes them on.

    Homes built in the 1940's and early 50's tend to be quite modest in size.  Though efficient and affordable at the time they were constructed, they simply do not meet the needs and expectations of the 21st century homeowner.

    Think center hall colonial.  The ubiquitous colonial is a great example of a house that begs to be freed of its limitations.  Most often the solution is a two-story addition to bring it up to standard for a family of five.  Other homes of 1930's and 1940's vintage (the Cape Cod, the Rambler) share similar issues.  Room dimensions and closet space must be expanded to accommodate the modern family.

    Why It's Worth the Investment:  The Place

    So, why put money into home additions and remodeling of this ancient housing stock?  Because the location of these properties makes them very attractive and because property values hold up year after year.  The many walkable communities in DC and the near suburbs plus the convenience of public transportation are of value to busy professionals.  The place and all it has to offer is worth commitment and, in the end, worth the investment.  The homeowner enjoys the comfort and convenience of a home remodeling investment while living there plus the investment gains of those improvements when it comes time to sell.

    Washington DC attracts smart, demanding, career driven professionals.  These are people who take pride in their talents and are driven by a desire for excellence.  Fortunately for them, many remodeling companies and design build firms share that same desire and commit themselves and their work to the highest standards.

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