Change: Sometimes It's Easy

    In 2009 Gilday Renovations made the switch and became a 100% wind powered remodeling company. Perhaps you have seen banners flying at Maryland retail businesses -particularly around Bethesda or College Park- that proclaim "WE ARE 100% WIND POWERED."

    So... what does this 100% wind-powered thing mean exactly?

    It could mean we've jumped on the proverbial band wagon. But it doesn't.

    It means we purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) through Clean Currents, a Rockville-based clean energy broker. The RECs contract stipulates that our share of electricity be wind generated and fed into the commercial grid on our behalf.

    Because of this purchase, we help reduce the demand for coal or nuclear generated power. And that helps encourage growth in the green economy.

    sustainable practice at gilday renovations

    Also, we save money. Our three-year contract locked us for a rate that was lower than what PepCo was offering at the time.

    Also -full disclosure here- we think it's a good marketing move. But not in a cheesy-sleazy way. Just, you know, us doing the straight up right thing--like recycling.

    The choice is in sync with a core value expressed in the Gilday Renovations design approach: simplicity. Think about it. The air moves, the rotor blades spin, and the turbines convert wind energy into electrical energy. That's a pretty simple way to keep our computer screens lit and iPhones charged up. It makes the pollution and landscape destruction associated with the mining, transport and burning of coal seem like way too much dirty work for what we get.

    Want to learn more about Clean Currents for your home or business? Click the logo at the top of this story.

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