The Other Kitchen Triangle

    Work Triangle

    You've heard of the work triangle.  This basic concept of functionality  is decades old in the art of modern kitchen design.  The term describes the movement pattern one follows from one location to the next when working in the kitchen.  Those work stations could be steps away from each other or just an arms reach away.

    But, if the three corners of the triangle (cooking, cleaning and food storage) aren't there, the kitchen won't work efficiently.  It holds true for kitchens large and small, expensive or not.

    Style Triangle

    There's another triangle.  This one has to do with the visual impression of the modern kitchen.  Let's call it the style triangle.   It is based on three key components: cabinets, countertops and backsplash.  Lighting design is of course extremely important for evenly illuminating work areas and for visual definition of all the objects in the space.  And there are many other details (such as paint color, flooring, cabinet knobs and pulls) that put the final touch on it all.  Nevertheless, those three are the foundation.

    Bold  Or Blend

    The direction for the kitchen backsplash is often determined by the cabinet and counter top choices.  In that case, the backsplash may be designed to blend quietly in the background rather than make a bold statement.  It could go either way.  Gilday kitchen designers work with the client to get just the right balance among the many finish details.

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