Sweating the Small Stuff: That's Design Build

    A Design Build Approach to Kitchen Remodeling

    The Gilday Renovations design build approach to kitchen design and remodeling is all about details.  Details, details, details run the show from start to finish.

    We are just weeks away from completion of a kitchen remodel in McLean Virginia.  Cabinets, counter tops and kitchen appliances are in.

    finalizing details of a design build kitchen remodeling project by Gilday Renovations Designers and project foreman meet in nearly complete kitchen to finalize details and placement of cabinet hardware


    Interior designer Sue Burgess and Gilday Renovations kitchen designer Ellen Gilday Witts have met with the client to select wall colors, lighting fixtures, backsplash materials and a new stain tone for the hardwood floors,.

    interior designers meet with client on site of design build kitchen remodeling project Kitchen designer Ellen Gilday Witts, interior designer Sue Burgess and project foreman Mike Gindlesperger discuss placement of cabinet pulls and knobs with client


    Today, Ellen, Sue and project carpenter Mike Gindlesperger are meeting with the client to mark the location of knobs and pulls before they are installed on cabinet doors and drawers.  Ellen says that they want the client to be there so they can customize the placement of these items for ease and comfort.  This is one of the great benefits that design build offers to the client.  All these key player in the design and construction departments are talking to each other and the client to ensure every detail is exactly as the client expects.

    Mike and Ellen mark placement of each knob and pull after the client approves


    Ellen says that finalizing these last details is like accessorizing after you've chosen the outfit--the cabinets and counter tops being the main "fashion" statement.  Everything else contributes to the effect making it whole.

    The design build method is by definition collaborative.  We at Gilday Renovations offer  a design intensive approach that supports and challenges the client at each step.  Our architects and interior designers ask the client to imagine and personalize every detail to fit precisely for who they are and how they live in their home.  We want each project to be perfect--on their terms.


    Ellen, a highly skilled designer, advises her clients with the ease of a close friend

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