Stand By You

    We do that.  When you are the client in a Gilday Renovations design build remodeling project, we stand by you.  Why its that?  Because our work and our client relationships are based on fairness and good will.  Because of our unspoken extended warranty.  Eight years later even.  Here's a story.

    I Want It To Look Built In

    Our client David O told us "I want the fridge to look built-in".  Kitchen designer Ellen Gilday tried to talk David out of it.  "You bought a stand alone style fridge and it isn't meant to be built-in.  If you don't case it in, It will be much easier to access if you need to service it later on".  Yeah.  But... David was charmingly persistent and persuasive in his argument.  So our carpenter (aiming to please as always) BUILT. IT. IN.  A little bit too in.  Fast forward eight years.

    contemporary style gas fireplace


    Later That Same Decade

    So eight years later the ice maker stops working and a call is made to the appliance retailer .  The appliance service tech tries to wiggle the fridge out of its housing.  He tries to yank it out.  No dice.  It will not budge because of a quirky, odd ball thing.  When a refrigerator is manufactured insulation is pumped into the housing.  Over time, as that insulation material cures, it expands a little.  As it happens, this brand new refrigerator expanded just enough in that tight BUILT IN enclosure we made for it that it stuck.

    Call To Gilday

    Project Manager John Lowe arrived the next day and confirmed "Yup.  It's stuck alright."  We assigned a carpenter the task (it took several days) of deconstructing the housing for the fridge, removing it, modifying the housing so it left adequate clearance, reinstalling the repaired appliance and repairing the drywall.

    "Just go ahead and leave the invoice on the table when you are done," said David, fully expecting to pay for this service eight years after completion of this kitchen remodeling project.  "Our mistake," said John, "no charge."

    Fairness.  Good will.  Valued relationships.  That's how design build works at Gilday Renovations.

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