Two Approaches To Bathroom Remodeling

    Sometimes it is a luxury you bestow upon yourself.  Sometimes it is an imperative.  Always, it results in something special just for you: remodeling your bathroom.

    When is it time to remodel your bathroom?  People in the Washington D.C. Metro area have reasons such as:

    1. We have a postage stamp sized master bath.

    2. The door to the first floor powder room opens right next to the kitchen table.

    3. The floor is cracked.

    4. The tile(grout) is stained.

    5. There’s no place to put anything.

    Sometimes the reason given is stated more simply with, “we can’t live like this anymore!”

    Design Build Firm or Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

    So, when the time comes, should you look for a design-build firm or a bathroom remodeling contractor? It depends on the condition of your bath. The project may be either a simple “pull and replace” or an extensive redesign and gut remodel.

    Two Approaches To Bath Remodeling

    A Pull & Replace Bathroom Remodel

    If a bath has been updated in the recent past, the sub-floor is sound, and there have been no leaks, a partial renovation may be the way to go. We call this a “pull and replace” and that should be sufficient to freshen up the look and fix minor maintenance issues in the bathroom. You skim the surface: changing fixtures, faucets, hardware and accessories. This approach works well with half baths (powder rooms) because they don’t get the same degree of wear and tear as the full baths.

    So, if it’s just one bath and the project is simple straightforward, you don’t need a design build firm. A bathroom remodeling contractor can do the job.

    A Design Build Bathroom Remodel

    When the bathroom is too small or functions poorly, it will require extensive redesign. That could involve moving or removing walls to improve layout and achieve the needed functionality. In that case, a design-build firm will bring bathroom design finesse and space planning expertise to the project. The designers can help you maximize the space you have.  If you need more, they can move walls or design an addition to get the space you need.

    As in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling requires a coordinated effort between a multiple craftsmen: plumbers, electricians, tile setters, carpenters, drywall hangers, painters.  To ensure safety in a room that mixes water and electricity, the work and performance of these tradesmen should be scheduled and approved by a dedicated project manager.

    Finally, if a bathroom is more than 15 years old and has never been updated, it’s worth it to completely gut the room and start over.  This means that everything you can see, touch, or stand on is torn out and replaced.  The walls come down and the subfloor comes up.  Your new bath will be set on a sound foundation so as to stay strong and water tight for many years to come.

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