Remodeling Your Bathroom: Banish the Bland

by Kevin Gilday & Tom Gilday

You know what we are all very good at?  Making do.  We put up with all sorts of minor annoyances every single day.  Unwanted sights, sounds and smells interrupt our flow--and yet we carry on.  How do we do this?  We tune them out.  We don't even notice them.  Until we do.

It's like that when we wake up one morning, zombie walk into the bath to get ready to start our day and stop.  We stop and make a mental note: fix. soon.


Someone else's idea of your bath.


It's that wake up moment that keeps Gilday Renovations in business.  Our designers thrive on helping you banish the bland from every day life and filling in the gray with grace.

We could be talking about the mental health benefits of meditation or visualization.  In fact, we are talking about bath remodeling.  There is a connection.  When we take on a home remodeling project, particularly if it involves a kitchen or bathroom, we are often facing up to a part of our daily life that just isn't working for us any more. It is one of those nuisances that we have to dodge and recover from every time we encounter them.  In the case of kitchen and baths, that would be several times a day.  It's a drain.

So maybe you decide that at least when you start your day, you'd like to start without having to avoid, dodge, tune out something that bugs you.  You decide to fix it.  Maybe you decide to do more than fix it.  You invest your time and money in a custom renovation of that kitchen or master bath.  You decide to make your bath rather than settle for someone else's bath idea that came with the house when you bought it.


tuscan style master bath gilday renovations maryland banishing bland from the moment you wake up


Now that's something to get you out of bed in the morning and feel good about just before turning out the lights at night.


something nice to wake up to each morning



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