Remodeling Your Bathroom: Banish the Bland

    You know what we are all very good at?  Making do.  We put up with all sorts of minor annoyances every single day.  Unwanted sights, sounds and smells interrupt our flow--and yet we carry on.  How do we do this?  We tune them out.  We don't even notice them.  Until we decide we must.

    Let's say you wake up one morning, zombie walk into your bathroom to get ready to start your day and stop. You pause and make a mental note: must. fix. soon. It is in that moment that your bathroom remodeling project begins.It's that wake up moment that keeps Gilday Renovations in business.  Our interior designers thrive on helping you banish the bland from every day life and filling in the gray with grace.

    Let's face it. When you bought your house you also bought someone else's idea of what a bathroom should be. And if that house was built in the 1990's you probably ended up with something that looks like this. (photo below)

    dated 80's master bathroom BEFORE remodeling
    That blush tone ceramic tile tub surround and gold-trimmed shower cage were to die for luxuries in the master bathroom of a quarter century past. But today, not so much.

    Bathroom Remodeling as Therapy

    There is a therapeutic effect. When you take on a bathroom remodeling project, you are confronting a part of daily life that just isn't working for you any more.

    The act of remodeling begins with visualizing something better to replace those dysfunctional spaces in our home distract us every time we encounter them. In the case of bathrooms (kitchens, too), that occurs several times a day and it's a drain.

    So maybe you decide that you'd like to start your day without having to tune out something that bugs you. You invest in a custom renovation of that outdated master bathroom.  You decide it's time to design your bath rather than put up with that old ugly thing that came with the house when you bought it.

    An Old World Look for a New Master Bathroom

    tuscan style master bathroomAlthough the original design of this master bathroom was no longer appealing, the room itself was large and full of potential. For this Potomac, Maryland home remodeling project, the client asked the interiors designers to give her something to remind her of Tuscany where her family lives. Natural stone and iron work are an essential part of that program. Large tiles and heavy stone moldings bring old world drama and vitality to this once bland space. There are four different sizes of ceramic and stone tile used in the shower stall. The designers also added fanciful metal grill work to the two sets of patio doors that open to a French balcony.

    Tuscan style master bathroom remodeling
    Now that this bathroom remodeling project is complete, the client has something delightful to wake up to each morning and feel good about just before turning out the lights at night. If you like to get some help with imagining how your bathroom might benefit from remodeling, schedule a consultation with one of our interior designers.
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