Luxury Kitchen Decor: Finishing Touch

    Yesterday we pitched the notion of a kitchen design "style triangle" formed by cabinets, countertops and backsplash selections.  These three elements of kitchen decor set the aesthetic course for a new kitchen.

    When considering what direction to go with a backsplash, the kitchen designer and client have to decide whether they feel the space needs a "kicker."   Does it need something punchy and colorful from the backsplash?  Should there be an architectural motif that adds relief to the wall above the range?

    Gilday kitchen and bath designer Leslie Roosevelt says that most clients choose cabinets and counter tops right away but often need help with developing a backsplash design.  Should we go bold or should we let the backsplash play a secondary role?   The right decision, Leslie says, is the one that delivers a balanced picture overall.  Ideally, she says, the colors and patterns ought to nudge the client just far enough beyond their comfort zone as to feel exciting--just not too exciting!

    We are finishing a partial kitchen remodel in Chevy Chase where the choice for the backsplash color and pattern was aimed at setting a calm back ground for very tall super dramatic cabinets.

    This warm toned contemporary kitchen was originally designed by our friend and colleague Jennifer Gilmer for the previous homeowner.  When the home changed hands late last year, the new owner asked us to come in make a few minor changes including new countertops and backslashes.  Bascially, they wanted to lighten up the accent elements and let the cabinets dominate.

    It is extremely important to have the guidance of a smart a kitchen designer and tile specialist when choosing materials.   For example, the type of ceramic tile the client chose for this installation happens to be porous around the edges.  The tile setter  and designer knew that the edges would need to be sealed before grouting.  Otherwise, grout color would get absorbed by the tile edges and create a weird halo effect around each tile and ruin the clean lines they were going for.

    When remodeling a kitchen, the designer  is only as good as the professional associates on her team.  All the participating specialists contribute to the success of the project.  Like the separate components of the kitchen design itself, their highly individualized efforts combine into a seamless, wholly finished project.

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