Live With It? Never In Design Build

by Kevin Gilday & Tom Gilday

Can You Live With That?

"Live with it is not an option,"  says master carpenter Patrick Donly.   Interior designer Leslie Roosevelt agrees that  "there is no excuse for our clients having to put up with anything--that's what they are paying us for."


designer and carpenter cooperate in design build approach to bath remodeling LESLIE ON SITE WITH PATRICK


Patrick and Leslie are nearing the finish phase on a master bath remodeling project in Washington DC near Chevy Chase.  They were talking about the way they work together, how the design build method makes it possible for them to plan for and manage the many details that make all the difference once the project is complete.

Looks Good - Feels Good

They explained how they planned to layer up the bathroom subfloor so that the existing hard wood leading into the bath would join flush with the new tile floor.  It's a small detail but its effect on the owners is not.

You know how you will often see a raised threshold between rooms where there is a difference in flooring?  Leslie and Pat say that this is unacceptable.  When you are walking in your bare feet from one area of the master bath to another, you shouldn't even slightly stub your toe on an uneven floor.  It matters to us that the floor "feels" good as well as looks good to the owners.

"Let's not have them live at the same level they were before. Let's take them to a higher level." -Patrick Donly, Master Carpenter





You Don't Have To Put Up With That Anymore

There are many details that a careless or hurried remodeler might over look.  The client might not notice any of them until six months or  a year later.  We take care of all those little things up front-- in the design phase and during construction.

It is the design build mindset, the ongoing communication between designer, builder and homeowner that keeps us on track.   Whether the client is conscious of it or not, it is the Gilday way to make your home right today, better than it was yesterday and much better than you imagined it would be once the project is finally finished.