Learning to Build a Kitchen by Taking It Apart

    Give a Young Guy a Hammer


    Give him a pry bar, set him loose in an empty house--and you better believe some stuff is going to get wrecked up.  

    Since we work in other people's houses, we carefully supervise our young wrecking specialists and guide them through an orderly deconstruction.

    Out With the Old

    This is the first step in any kitchen remodeling project (once we've finalized a kitchen design).  We have to take out the old kitchen.   Though sledge hammers and wrecking bars may be employed at times, the demolition process is for the most part an efficient and methodical process.



    Some of the materials can be reused.  For example, old kitchen cabinets and counter tops may begin a second life in the basement or garage where we can always use a little extra storage or work space.

    Kitchen appliances can be collected for reuse.  Most everything that isn't in good enough shape to be reused can be recycled.  We identify those items before hand so as to avoid breaking or further damaging items that can be used again.

    Star Quality

    In the world of custom kitchen renovation, stars aren't born.  They are created through careful planning and expert execution.  We're accustomed to seeing glamorous pictures of beautiful kitchens.  But every new modern kitchen has to start somewhere.  And where they start is far from glamorous.  Just so you know.

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