Kitchen Design Styles: Forty Years Later

by Kevin Gilday & Tom Gilday

This kitchen remodel in progress is a perfect example of how interior design styles change over time.  As designers and remodelers learn more and as clever materials, techniques and finishes are developed, we benefit from a much wider range of possibilities.

This McLean Virginia kitchen (see left panel) is over 40 years old.  On the right panel is a progress shot of the new kitchen going in.  As you can see, the lay out is the same.


gilday renovations kitchen remodel in progress


Because the original kitchen was well designed for the space, the lay out still works.  It packs a lot of functionality.  But at 40+  years, the cabinets are falling apart, the finishes are disintegrating and -well- there is the look.  Yes, that.  That was in need of improvement.  The homeowners, not unexpectedly,  decided to go a completely different direction toward light and bright with a very simple cabinet style.

Don't be deceived into thinking this is simply a superficial change.  Yes, this kitchen remodeling project is a straight-forward replacement (nothing about the room or layout has been dramatically altered)  However,  the entire room has been gutted.  Electrical, plumbing and lighting are all being  upgraded to 21st century standards and customized to the precise requirements of this homeowner.  So this beauty (still in progress) will be much, much more than skin deep when we are finished with it.



At a glance, this is perhaps a less flashy, less dramatic project as kitchen design goes.  A closer look reveals that the real work of the interior designer in a project of this type has all to do with details.  Those details would include micro adjustments to the layout that maximize functionality and flow, balancing the color palette, choosing cabinet door and drawer pulls, plotting the lighting design, selecting lighting instruments and accessorizing for storage and organization.


Because the original was well designed for the space, it still works and packs a lot of functionality.  But, at 40+ the cabinets are falling apart and the finishes are disintegrating.  And then there is the look.  Yes, that.  That was in need of improvement.
the look it entirely different.  And of course the designers will take the opportunity
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