Kitchen Color Under Glass

    Applying a painted glass overlay is now an established alternative to tile backsplash as an accent in the modern kitchen color palette.  We are seeing more of this type of finish as our Washington DC clientele baby-steps toward the contemporary design style in kitchen and baths.

    The glass back splash fits that contemporary style quite well, particularly when the client and  kitchen designer are going for a very sleek, minimalist Euro look in the kitchen.  Here is a a glass backsplash we designed for a contemporary kitchen remodel in the Rock Creek Forest neighborhood.


    The product and installation method are themselves spare and minimalist.  The back of the glass is painted a custom color at the glass cutters shop and the sheets are attached at the edges with a clear silicone adhesive that "disappears."  The glass is cut to fit the under cabinet space precisely with -ideally- no vertical seams.  Because the cabinet run was interrupted by the windows in this application we did have two seams.  One on each side of the range.

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