Interior Renovation: The Un-Addition

    Interior Renovation = Better Space Planning

    Sometimes people think they don't have enough room in their house. They need a larger kitchen.  They want a real master bath--and a lot of the time they are right.  There is certainly not enough room if the house is a mini-colonial in Northwest Washington DC. Interior renovation and reconfiguration won't work because there simply isn't enough space overall to rework room dimensions. If there were, we'd design a new floor plan to improve the functional hierarchy of the various rooms in the house.  Basically, this means we take space from a room that is larger than it needs to be and give it to another where it is needed.

    However, sometimes we can persuade them away from their idea of building a room addition because we can see that they do not need more room.  We see that what they need is well designed room.  What they need is for us to correct the HORRIBLE layout of their first floor interior. So, with an interior renovation approach to solving the problem, the space is custom designed for

    • how the owners intend to use a room
    • what type and what sized furnishings will be needed in the room


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    Better Space Planning: The "Un-Addition"

    Lately, we've observed that people are less willing to leap into a large addition project unless it is absolutely the only solution.   Yet, they are more willing to invest in significant interior renovation & reconfiguration if it can deliver that luxury kitchen design or master bath.

    Our designers LOVE these kinds of problems.  With an interior design plan that incorporates clever space planning, and by selectively relocating, removing or re-shaping walls, we can reconfigure interior space and reset it to optimal functionality.  We can add luxurious space to your house without the addition.

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