How to Prepare Meals for Your Family while Renovating Your Kitchen

    A remodeling project is the perfect way to create your ideal kitchen, tailored to your family’s specific requirements. But a full kitchen renovation can take 10 to 12 weeks to complete. Our clients are often concerned about how this restricted functionality will impact their family life for such an extended period. And while restaurants and takeout are convenient, they aren’t the healthiest or most desirable solution for family meals.

    Fortunately, there is an alternative. A temporary kitchen provides a dedicated cooking space that gives you the ability to prepare meals for your family. The temporary kitchen is installed by your renovation team and provides a practical solution to in-home food preparation during the construction process.

    Now we're going to explain exactly how temporary kitchens make your renovation process much easier to bear and we'll show you examples from some of our Chevy Chase kitchen remodeling projects.

    Full Kitchen Functionality

    Homeowners often wonder about the functionality of a temporary kitchen. Especially when you have been through a renovation before, you may think it consists of a hot plate and washing your dishes in the bathroom. We understand that it’s a major inconvenience to lose the function of a kitchen  and that it’s difficult to imagine how we can provide a functioning kitchen with sink, dishwasher, and appliances.

    Our goal is to take the basic elements of a kitchen and install them within a few days. However, your renovation and design team can construct a space where you can sauté, stir-fry, bake, brew, and clean up.

    First, the team will help you select the most practical area for your temporary kitchen. We typically place them against a temporary wall (like the example below) on the opposite side from where the renovation is happening. Then, they will create a kitchen that conveniently combines what you need to cook family meals. Many clients have told us they enjoy their temporary kitchen more than their pre-renovation one!

    temporary kitchen for Chevy Chase kitchen remodel

    A temporary kitchen is a fantastic way to give you the functionality of a standard kitchen while your dream kitchen is in the making. These clever temporary solutions save families time, frustration, and money, maintaining the comfort of your home throughout the project. Every home project that restricts the ability to use your kitchen should include a temporary kitchen, so be sure to ask your renovation team about it.

    Another temporary kitchen example

    Below you can see another example of what a temporary kitchen. It’s rustic, but it has the necessary plumbing fixtures and appliances to allow for cooking. 

    temporary kitchen for another chevy chase kitchen remodel

    If you’re interested in learning more about how we do everything possible to make you feel more comfortable while your kitchen is being redesigned, get in touch with the expert team at Gilday Renovations today. 

    Please download our definitive guide to kitchen design and renovation success to outline the considerations when planning a kitchen remodel project. 

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