Home Remodeling: Design & Craftsmanship

    When we talk about the fine points of home additions we tend to make it all about the designers.  In fact, a design plan is just the beginning.  An enormous amount of thought and skill is required to put what is on the page into the build.  

    That is why we at Gilday Renovations have invested years in building a tremendously gifted staff.  Our craftsman are superb at carefully thinking through complex construction programs, as well as crafting ingenious solutions on the fly.

    In this short video clip master carpenter Jon Patterson (see the cover of Washingtonian "Top Remodelers" January 2011) talks about the intricacy of cutting and shaping fir planks to make decorative rafter tails for a porch addition to match the style of a 1909 home in Chevy Chase DC.

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