Curb Appeal

    Something Is Missing

    Curb appeal. You  know it when you see it because you feel it. But, what is it exactly? 

    This is what we call the blank stare.  You look at a house from the street and it doesn't look back at you.  It doesn't speak to you.  It doesn't say anything to your heart like "welcome to the neighborhood."  Maybe it says (in a ragged whisper) "help me, please."


    Be It Ever So Humble

    The entry porch addition shown below is neither grand in scale nor genre busting in concept.  It won't be sparking lively discussions on the design blogs.

    simple entry porch addition by gilday renovations THIS LITTLE PORCH LOOKS LIKE IT BELONGS

    It is just a little thing, a simple go-with-the-flow front entry addition to this no nonsense mini colonial.  And... it is perfect because it is precisely what it needs to be.  It invites you in and provides welcoming shelter for arriving guests.

    Feel The Love

    So there it is. That one modest improvement brings the admiration of passersby, makes you proud, welcomes you home after a long hard day.  Sometimes seeing what you expect to see is comforting and inviting. 

    detail of trim work by gilday renovations WELCOME HOME AGAIN
    home renovation discovery session

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