Coloring Your Kitchen

    The Finishing Touch

    Choosing your paint colors--that truly puts the finishing touch on a home remodeling project.  Do not under estimate the importance of this choice.

    After an intense design and remodeling process, particularly one that involves a kitchen or bath,  you may feel a bit burned out having made so, so many selections.  You may be tempted to just blow this one off.  Talk to your designer.  Let them help you.

    Gilday interior designers always offer guidance on color selections.  They know from experience that an off choice may considerably diminish the effect of a beautiful kitchen or bath remodel.  And they want to protect the integrity of their (your) design after all.  See "Choosing Kitchen Colors" to get an idea of how to pick colors that complement or tastefully contrast with the built elements and fixtures in your remodeled space.

    kitchens cabinets with varia ecoresin panels


    What About White

    White is fantastically versatile as a trim color.  And it is rare to see a pure neutral white used in a room.  What we usually do is tint the white trim paint to resonate with the wall color.  So in the case of a warm toned wall, you would tint the white with some yellow or pink to warm it up a notch.  For a cool toned wall paint you'd chill that white down with faint blue undertones.

    Whites tend to take on the color of their surroundings.  Because of that, it is very important to compare your trim and wall colors side by side by painting test swatches.

    Flat Matte Satin Gloss

    Here's the skinny on the three main types of reflective quality: flat, satin (or eggshell) and gloss (hi or semi).  Flat paint absorbs light.  That makes it a great choice for enhancing deep rich colors.  Also -and this is it's most common utility- it hides imperfections on the wall surface because it's reflectivity is zero.  Satin sheen paints are typically used in a bath or kitchen because they easily wipe clean.  The gloss finishes, because they are hard, do well on surfaces that take a beating (doors, base boards, door and window casings).

    Amazing Grays

    Here's the latest:  Shades of gray are finding their way into our kitchens in the form of wall and trim colors as well as a finish coat for the cabinets.  In years past the default neutral was (and still is) shades of beige or off whites.  But we've done a number of kitchens recently that prove how well grays will resonate beautifully with marble counter tops and stainless appliances.

    Learn about how to approach a kitchen design and remodeling project by downloading The Definitive Guide to Kitchen Design & Remodeling Success

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