A New Addition to the House

    Humble Beginnings

    New additions all look pretty much the same to me at the beginning--as do new people.  It takes time and good genes (or in this case, a sound design build approach to remodeling) for a distinctive look and personality to develop.

    So.  A brilliantly designed kitchen and family room addition starts out looking..... unfinished?  slightly awkward?   So that may be.  Even the magnificent Monarch butterfly starts out as a creepy crawly squirmy thing.  So, keeping that in mind, here is our first baby picture of a new addition going up on Hesketh Street in Chevy Chase Maryland.

    family room addition

    Weeks and weeks of work go into setting the stage for all the custom details that will be applied from this point on.

    Set the Stage

    At the beginning, it's difficult to predict... Will it evolve into a beauty of architectural detail and aesthetic nuance?  Or will it squat there like a big dumb block?  Lest we judge, let's have a look at the this same exterior before we applied our home remodeling efforts.

    Charming once upon a time. Now? Not so much.

    So which do you like better?  From the looks of things so far, we are moving in the right direction.  The interior has just been dry walled and you can get a sense of how bright and open it is going to be.

    The main kitchen countertop is centered between the two posts. You can see pipes stubbed in for the kitchen sink in the foreground.

    Open-ness and Separation

    The interior of the addition is designed to be completely open, but individual function areas are established.  This defines the space so that the size of it doesn't feel overwhelming.

    The kitchen work area is defined by the structural beam and post to support the transition from main house to new addition.

    The work area of the kitchen is centered on these posts and beam.  The new kitchen is open to the room but inhabits its own defined area.  The room has two other defined areas:  one for casual dining and a larger area given to a family entertainment area.   It is essential to define functional areas in a room this large.  Without that definition we'd feel lost.  All that roominess would feel out of scale.

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