For a decade, this Washington D.C. homeowner poured their heart into transforming their 1938 Tudor. Phase by phase, the interior blossomed into a modern haven of comfort and spaciousness.

    However, the curb appeal didn't reflect the stunning interior. The charming features hidden within remained a secret – all thanks to an oversized light fixture and bay window overshadowing the front door. The entrance, crucial for creating a welcoming first impression, desperately needed a makeover.

    Project Details

    Type: Exterior Facade & Hardscape Renovation
    Year home was built: 1938

    before the transformation

    before facade

    the project plan

    The designers saw an opportunity to enhance the home's curb appeal by transforming the roofline above the entrance. They envisioned extending the brick façade beyond the roofline, creating a beautiful gable shape at the peak. This clever design element balanced the proportions of the large bay window with the front door and dramatically improved the house's overall look.

    The designer's vision also included a makeover of the bay window by replacing it with a standing seam copper hip roof featuring a more pronounced graceful downward slope than its previous version. This slope, made from standing seam copper roofing to match other copper accents on the house, balanced the tall, vertical lines of the new gable roof above the entrance. The redesigned walkway now acts as an invitation, drawing the eye naturally towards the substantial new front door. This impressive door now takes center stage, solidifying its role as the focal point of the entire façade.

    WINNER OF THE 2020

    We are honored that this renovation was recognized for its exceptional design and craftsmanship, achieving the National CotY Awards in the $100,001 to $200,000 category presented by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for 2020.

    NARI 2020 Awards_Res Exterior Over $200k_National Winner_Color

    the transformation

    Dramatic Gable Roof Reimagines Tudor Entrance

    The once plain entrance has vanished, replaced by a dramatic gable roof.  This extension of the classic brick façade creates a balanced composition, a true testament to 1930s Tudor charm.

    The result? A curb appeal that turns heads!


    Grand Limestone Entryway Makes a Statement

    A wide, arched limestone now frames the new entryway, transforming it into a gorgeous focal point. This timeless material and the classic design exude elegance and sophistication. The arch softens the façade's lines, while the natural stone adds a touch of grandeur.

    A curved bluestone landing echoes the elegant limestone header above, creating a seamless one-step transition from the walkway to the foyer.

    Natural Light Transforms Foyer

    Surrounding sidelights now flank the entry door, drenching the once-dim foyer in warm, natural light. This bright and inviting transformation creates a welcoming atmosphere the moment you step inside.

    The space now feels open and airy, bathed in the beauty of natural daylight.


    From Bland to Beautifully Unified FaÇade

    The home received a cohesive and stylish upgrade with the introduction of additional copper details. The standing seam copper roofing on the bay window echoes the existing bay window on the driveway side, creating a visually balanced composition.

    The thoughtful use of copper throughout the façade unifies the design and adds a touch of timeless luxury.

    Strategic Copper Details Elevate the home's faÇade

    New copper gutters, downspouts, and scuppers (absent in the original home) elevate the look and functionality.

    For added visual interest, the designers strategically placed an additional downspout, framing the connection between the new entryway and the gable roof. Finally, twin copper lamps flank the door, replacing the single light that previously hung above. 


    Redesigned Walkway Leads to a Striking Focal Point

    The redesigned walkway gracefully leads the way, drawing attention toward the stunning new front door.

    This striking focal point commands the spotlight, establishing itself as the centerpiece of the façade.

    Overcoming Obstacles

    Preserving the Home & ensuring a seamless look

    Creating the new gable roof presented two key challenges. First, we had to meticulously frame the support structure to avoid disrupting the beautiful finishes in the rooms below.

    Second, the new brick façade located on the new gable needed to match the existing brickwork to maintain a unified appearance perfectly.


    Image above depicts the process of framing the gable.


    Image above shows the brick staining process.

    Matching New Brick to Weathered FaÇade

    The existing brick façade had been treated with a paint wash that had weathered unevenly over time. Our years of experience told us that the new brickwork had to be stained to be compatible.

    Since the existing brick was no longer available, it took some effort and time to find material of similar size and texture that could be used as a base for interlacing new and old work together. 

    Working Around Nature: Tree Preservation Guides Walkway Design

    Unearthing a large tree root near the foundation during walkway excavation presented a challenge. Cutting the root could have jeopardized the health of the nearby front door tree.

    Unlike practices commonly performed by some construction crews, our team prioritizes minimizing impact on the existing landscape. We opted for a slight elevation change in the walkway grade to safeguard the tree. This resulted in a single, comfortable step leading up to the spacious, curved bluestone landing and protection of a beloved tree.


    The final result

    Gone is the home's once unremarkable exterior. In its place, a dramatic transformation that creates a cohesive whole, showcasing a residence that is stunning both inside and out. This remarkable renovation was recognized with a prestigious 2020 national/regional CotY Award for residential exteriors.

    NARI 2020 Awards_Res Exterior Over $200k_National Winner_Color

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